César Novoa


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Cesar joined LEĜA in 2017 as an external consultant in the tax area, particularly at international level. He has extensive experience in this specialization and has been practicing it directly as a lawyer or consultant, working in projects for the amendment of tax laws and arbitrations before ICSID. He is currently a lecturer at Universidad de Santiago de Compostela.


  • Doctor of Law.
  • Certification Course in the Legal Practice School of Universidad de Santiago de Compostela.
  • Law Degree. Extraordinary Award on Degree Program.


  • Latin American Institute of Tax Law.
  • Honorary member of the Academy of Jurisprudence of Venezuela.


  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish




  • Assistance in arbitrations before ICSID , obtaining favorable results for clients.
  • Advising clients in matters concerning tax structures and strategies to avoid double taxation and optimize their budget.
  • Active participation in the creation of new laws and regulations that have been implemented and practiced in international markets.
  • President of the Latin American Institute of Tax Law from 2010 to 2013


Cesar constantly participates in international tax law conferences and addresses topics such as e-commerce and electronic transactions of any kind, among other important topics. He has conducted speaking sessions globally, in countries like Colombia, Spain, Peru, Portugal, United States, and Brazil. Some of the topics addressed are listed below:

  • Electronic Transactions Security
  • E-Commerce and Internet Operations
  • Electronic Transactions Tax Regime
  • Interpretation of treaties to avoid double taxation and new trends in the international taxation area
  • Mutation of tax power in the 21st century
  • Tax instruments for environmental protection


  • Cesar works in Universidad de Santiago de Compostela as Lecturer and Director of the Advanced International Taxation class. He also participates in different courses in Universidad Austral de Buenos Aires, in the Taxation Summer Course of Harvard University, the Tax Law Course of the ICDT (Colombian Tax Law Institute), as well as numerous LL.M. programs in several countries.


  • Author of several publications: 25 books, participation in over 60 collective books, and over 100 doctrine articles on tax matters. Latest published books:
  • Estudios de Derecho Tributario Penal y Sancionador [Studies on Criminal and Sanctioning Tax Law], Mexico, 2016, Centro Mexicano de Estudios de los Penal Tributario, 320 pages.
  • Hacia un Derecho Tributario Global [Towards a Global Taw Law], La Paz (Bolivia), 2016, Vergara Asociados, 202 pages
  • La deducibilidad de gastos financieros en el Impuesto de Sociedades [Deductibility of financial expenses in the Corporations Tax], Madrid, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, 2016, Marcial Pons, Ediciones Jurídicas, 194 pages
  • El Derecho Tributario Actual. Innovaciones y Desafíos (Segunda Edición) [Today’s Tax Law. Innovations and Challenges (Second Edition)], Bogota, 2018, Instituto Colombiano de Derecho Tributario, 540 pages
  • Régimen Jurídico de la Lista de Morosos Tributarios (Publicidad de Situaciones de Incumplimiento Relevante) [Legal Regime of the Tax Debtors List (Publicizing Relevant Breach Situations)], Valencia, 2018, Tirant Lo Blanch, 120 pages
  • Basic Issues of Permanent Establishment, Madrid-Paris, 2018, Francis Lefebvre, 110 pages