Today is National Lawyer’s Day in Venezuela, Congratulations!

The “National Day of the Lawyer” has been celebrated in Venezuela since 1972. June 23 it was chosen to commemorate the birth of Dr. Cristobal Mendoza, who apart from being the first President of Venezuela (1811-1812), was a prominent lawyer who wrote, together with Juan Germán Roscio, the Act of Independence and participated in the drafting of the first Venezuelan Constitution.

Lawyers play a decisive role in the republican life, both in the exercise of public functions and in private practice. The professional actions of all lawyers will always have an impact on society. Hence the importance of having free lawyers, with independent criteria and with solid civic values.

At Leĝa, we are proud of our legal professionals and also congratulate all lawyers in Venezuela!

¡En Leĝa nos sentimos orgullosos de nuestros profesionales y extendemos nuestras felicitaciones a todos los abogados de Venezuela!